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Jonesea Young Mermaid Division 18 and under: 

1st. Francesca Sealy, 2nd. Amelie Vergnolle, 3rd. Aliana Gomez, 4th. Hali Honea, 5th. Layla Lari, 6th. Emma Waldinger


Hippy Tree Gremlin Division Boys 18 and under:

1st. Hudson Ritchie. 2nd. Kai Takayama, 3rd. Ryan Hughes, 4th. Ben Goldstein, 5th. West Adler


Electric Bitchin’ Division 18-34:

1st. Mike Siordia, 2nd. Dirk Kay, 3rd. Kyle Pond, 4th. Adam Braun 5th. Neil Van Splinter, 6th. Whiskey Tango


Body Glove Lovely Ladies Division 18 and up: 

1st. Michelle Layton, 2nd. Morgan Sliff, 3rd. Sarah Foley, 4th. Adrienne Olivera, 5th. Amelie Vergnolle, 6th. Marisa Hirtzel

Easy Reader Newspaper Elastic Waist Division Men’s (35-50)  

1st. Vince Felix, 2nd. Jeremy Porfilio, 3rd. Hans, 5th Michael Takayama, 6th. Frank Mazzotta


Riviera Mexican Grill Legend’s Division (51+) 

1. Troy Campbell, 2nd. Abel Ybbarra, 3rd. David Paquin, 4th. Mike Purpus, 5th. Bobby Warchola, 6th. Joey Lombardo


King Harbor Brewing Co. SuperDogger Expression Session: Vince Felix

Best Noseride: Mike Siordia

Best Wipeout: Todd Messick

Most Radical Rollercoaster: Kyle Pond


Subaru Pacific Hotdogger Open:

1st. Tommy Witt, 2nd. Steve Newton, 3rd. Sean Tully, 4th. Vince Felix, 5th. Mike Siordia, 6th. Jeremy Porfilio

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