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Subaru Pacific Hotdogger Men's Open Division CASH PRIZES

  1. Taka Inoue

  2. Christian Stutzman

  3. Bucky Berry

  4. Tony Silvagni

  5. Joe Kisling

  6. Sam Heck


Subaru Pacific Hotdogger Women's Open Division CASH PRIZES

  1. Sarah Foley

  2. Tully White

  3. Morgan Sliff

  4. Sophia Arky

  5. Kassie Perkins

  6. Macy Sivadge

12 and Under Co-ED South Bay Skates Grom Division 
  1. Cormac O’Brien

  2. Hank O’Keefe

  3. Alex Beggs

  4. Cash Hoover

13-17 BOYS San Onfre Surf Co.
  1. Raymond Sayles

  2. Patrick Holloway

  3. Michael Orona

  4. Cole Walton

  5. Coco Vergnolle

  6. Kevin Elliot

13-17 GIRLS Jonesea Wetsuits Mermaid's Division
  1. Rilyn Baker

  2. Liv Stokes

  3. Mahina Akaka

  4. Sophia Arky

  5. Sydney Morris

  6. Sol Lyn

  1. Nico Espinosa

  2. Jeff Belzer

  3. Christian Stutzman

  4. Brendan White

  5. Bobby Hasbrook

  6. Flinch

46+ Senior Men Najas' Place Division
  1. Michael Takayama

  2. Dave Schaefer

  3. Vince Felix

  4. Jeremy Porfilio

  5. Jiro Ikeda

  6. Hans Geiger


  1. Mike Purpus

  2. Abel Ybarra 

  3. Rocky Sabo

  4. Pat Caholl

  5. Kevin Cody

  6. Jim Wilson

  7. Lonnie Aighbright


Davenport Surfboards Superdogger Expressions Session

Cormac O’Brien


Captain Kid's "Spin to Win" Invitational 
  1. Tony Silvagni

  2. Dan Cobley

  3. David Schaefer


BeachLife Festival Team Challenge Invite              Team Ventucky riding a Tyler Surfboards Balsa Malibu Chip
Team Davenport on Ventucky Vince Felix Surfboads
Team Takayama on Mangiagli Surfboards


Jonesea Wetsuits Spirit of the Hotdogger Award



TJ Surfboard Repairs “Best of Show”

Steve Littrell and his Rick Surfboards UFO (ridden entire contest)


TJ Surfboard Repairs “Best Wipeout”

Jax Moon

Abel Ybarra Real Estate “Best Noseride”

Tony Silvagni

Abel Ybarra Real Estate “Best Rollercoaster”

Will Crowe

Abel Ybarra Real Estate “Best Tandem”

Brian Bent and Edfactor

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