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CONTEST DATE: October 5, 2019

Southside Hermosa Beach Pier

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The Subaru Pacific Hb Hotdogger Championships is a contest based on hotdoggin’ aesthetic that results from riding traditional styled single fin surfboards in the 9 plus range. Common censuses refer to this type of equipment as a “log.” The Hotdogger views “log” as a derogatory nomenclature as the hotdogger is heavily influenced by the golden era of the ‘60s where such jargon as well as the term “longboard” didn’t exist. The hotdogger just rode a surfboard that during the time period happened to be 9’-10’.

Leashes are frowned about and not encouraged. For the more competitive divisions, we leave leashes for the dogs. For the younger and older divisions, leashes are acceptable. 
Judging will be on the 50/50 criteria, 50% turns, 50% noserides. Judging will be based on the surfers’ assessment on when to apply a maneuver in a functional manner. For example, shoulder noserides will get a lower score than a noseride stuffed deep in the pocket allowing the surfer to project on the nose in the critical part of the wave. The shoulder should be utilized for re-directional turns and cutbacks in effort to stay in the pocket and in front of the curl. Flair, juking, and jiving, and overall style will be equated positively in the judging process. Rollercoasters and off-the-lips (and other things deemed progressive) are praised and rewarded for how critical they are and how much risk a surfer takes on the maneuver with completed execution. Nose tricks will be also judged low (nose kicks) as cheap parlor tricks unless they show a surfers’ keen sense of balance and are not in hindrance of the act of wave riding. Depending on the size and shape of the surf and noting the surfer is on a single fin with a traditional rail, slide slipping and sliding out the tail will be rewarded (look up Tommy Witt).

Boards.  The choice of board design should be influenced by traditional style surfboards, surfboards made prior to 1968. We’re not going to be board Nazis and actually weigh surfboards for traditionally glassed weight (10 oz volan), bust out the measuring tape, or feel the rails for hard edges. We expect competitors to adhere to this rule on good sportsmanship. Judges will know that to surf like a hotdogger, you need to have the appropriate equipment. Finks and phonies will easily be discovered.
Judges will be more lenient toward the younger and older divisions. The Under-12 Co-Ed and Legend's Divisions have no equipment requirements.  
Sportmanship. Don’t be a dick out in the water unless it’s in good fun. Much like the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational, interferences will not be called.  Sorry, no surf jock referees hired. At the same time, burning a surfer in spite to hinder their scoring potential is majorly frowned upon. Shared waves in the hotdogger spirit will be rewarded and is a way to get a higher score on a mediocre wave. For example, if two surfers perform a go behind, an impromptu tandem, perform matching in unison maneuvers, the two surfers have the chance to score higher than going solo. The nature of the style of waves at the southside of the Hermosa Beach Pier allows us this rule.
Heats. Heat times will be 15 minutes in duration in two zones, next to the pier and in front of the lifeguard tower just south of the pier. All finals are next to the pier.
Before the contest at 7 am, Head Judge Shawn O'Brien will be discussing and reviewing all rules.
Open Division seating will be determined by lottery at the 7am meeting. All competitors must attend.
Davenport Surfboards SuperDogger Expression Session.  The Davenport Surfboards SuperDogger Expression Session will be an exhibition on pre-1968 surfboards. The rules of the Hermosa Beach Hotdogger Championships Presented by Subaru Pacific will apply to the 30 minute heat. 
Celebrity Surf Judge: TBD 
Entries-  There is no limit of entries to the division. Each competitor must bring their own Hawaiian shirt in lieu of a contest jersey. Contestants will be required to NOT wear a wetsuit.

Judging- will be simple. Best one wave wins the heat. The judge(s) will be specially selected based on their prestige in surf culture and the industry and will be judging this one heat.
Jar of Cash- The Davenport Surfboards SuperDogger Expression Session will be “winner takes all.” All Contestants will put $20 in a jar. Winner takes the entire contents of the jar. All winners of each division will be announced at awards ceremony following the contest.
BeachLife Festival Team Challenge Invite  
Top surfboard manufacturers teamriders to compete in a mega heat. 
One Grom, One Gal, One Guy, and One legend 40+
Each participating team will be required to bring one Hotdogger Championship Regulation surfboard--a prime example of their business’ work.
The BeachLife Festival will be providing a display section showcasing these surfboards.
Each team captain will be required to pull a number out of the official Hb Hotdogger Championships lottery bowl. The number is assigned to one of the showcased surfboards. That team will be required to ride the picked surfboard for the duration of the heat.
So yes, they will be riding competitors surfboards.
  • 40 minute heat right before finals
  • Each surfer must catch at least one wave
  • Unlimited waves
  • Two Whammy’s per team: Whammy is when a surfer claims their score by raising hands to double scores
  • Top two waves from each surfer  scored. 
  • Surfers must wait behind competition lines and be “high fived” in by teammates.
Captain Kid's "Spin to Win" Invitational 
Scoring will be decided on one single maneuver, completed noseride 360s/Whirlybirds. Equipment
must have at least one fin--multiple fins encouraged. Needless to say, Hotdogger equipment rules don't
not apply. Each surfer will have one judge assigned to score completed noseride 360s/Whirlybirds. 
A completed maneuver is indicated by a surfer riding straight to the beach. Claiming encouraged to
indicate balance and mastery of maneuver. Most completed maneuvers win.
After Awards
We added a little bit more this year. Working with Crafty Minds Brews+Bites,  we will have a satellite site from the contest on Hermosa Avenue on the other side of the parking lot. 
1031 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Take a break from the beach to check out:
Art Show: Brian Bent will be showing a special South Bay series art show 
Car Show: all daily surf rides + a few extra surprises
King Harbor Brewing Co. tap take-over and get refreshed with the Hotdogger Lager! 
Awards will conclude the hotdogger at Crafty Minds Brews + Bites, with a special performance of Bent Duo
  • 12 and Under Co-ED South Bay Skates Grom Division 
  • 13-17 BOYS San Onfre Surf Co.
  • 13-17 GIRLS Jonesea Wetsuits Mermaid's Division
  • 46+ Senior Men Najas' Place Division
  • Subaru Pacific Hotdogger Men's Open Division CASH PRIZES
  • Subaru Pacific Hotdogger Women's Open Division CASH PRIZES
Details to come
All Contestants will receive a contest T-Shirt, bumper sticker, poster, a lunch provided by Mickey's Deli and a dinner provided by Crafty Minds Brew + Bites.
Prize Package (to be judged through the entire contest):
•    TJ's Ding Repair Best Cowabunga Wipeout: $75 gift Certificate to TJ's Ding Repair
•    Abel YBarra Real Estate Best Nose Ride: $100
•    Abe
l YBarra Real Estate Most Radical Rollercoaster Maneuver: $100
•    Abel YBarra Real Estate Best Tandem: $100 (split)
•    Mike Purpus Spirit of the Hotdogger JONESEA SPECIAL SUIT
•    TJ's Ding Repair Best of Show Pre-1968:  $75 gift Certificate to TJ's Ding Repair

Subaru Pacific Cash Purse:
Subaru Pacific Open Hotdogger Division:
•    1st Place: $700
•    2nd Place: $450
•    3rd Place: $250
•    4th Place: $100
Subaru Pacific Open Hotdoggettes Division:
•    1st Place: $700
•    2nd Place: $450
•    3rd Place: $250
•    4th Place: $100
I understand and acknowledge that I will be participating in the HERMOSA BEACH HOTDOGGER CHAMPIONSHIPS and its associated activities, including, but not limited to, the post-event awards ceremony and other events (hereinafter "sponsored Events"). I understand that there may be substantial risks involved in participating in any Sponsored Event, particularly the risk of personal and physical injury including death) that is inherent in the sport of surfing. Knowing these facts, I hereby waive, release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the HERMOSA BEACH HOTDOGGER CHAMPIONSHIPS COMMITTEE, its organizers, water patrol, judges, sponsors, volunteers, agents, employees, or anyone acting for it or on its behalf from any and all claims of liability for personal injury death, or property damage of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of or in the course of my participation in any HERMOSA BEACH HOTDOGGER CHAMPIONSHIP
S sponsored Events. I further agree that this assumption or risk, release and waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown, and binds myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf.
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